What Are We Waiting For?

What Are We Waiting For?

Image result for parking spaceHave you noticed how easy it seems to be to manifest a parking spot or a penny on the sidewalk, but a bit more challenging to manifest the house, love, or life of your dreams? Yes, you’ve asked the Universe for abundance, but you were expecting more than just pennies from heaven! Sometimes it seems like we spend so much time waiting for the things that we really want in life to manifest.

The irony is when you say, ‘I don’t care how long it takes,’ your manifestation – or anything for that matter – takes no time. But as long as it matters how long it takes, it is going to take a long time. Let’s face it: we live in a society fueled by instant gratification. We hate waiting in line, be placed on hold, and even sitting in traffic! Speed may work for frozen pizza, but it is completely counter-intuitive with the Law Of Attraction.


Fortunately for us, there is a waiting period before the things that we think materialize; remember, we Image result for clockdo have the occasional limiting belief or negative thought rear its ugly head. There is indeed a time delay involved in using the Law Of Attraction and there is a reason for it:

  • There is One Universal Creator.
  • The Universe will certainly bring you what you focus on.
  • There are 7.5 billion people using the Law Of Attraction intentionally or accidentally.
  • Like any good Parent, the Universe has to coordinate the desires of all His children.

As you can imagine, this can take a little bit of time.

When we’ve grown tired of waiting we can begin thinking: “I should write one more affirmation, or I should do one more visualization, or I must be doing something wrong.  On the contrary; what you need to do is relax and accept that you’ve done your work.

Instead of begrudging the Universe, consider that the Universe is building the foundation for your desire through your repetitive focus, thoughts, and emotions. Think of each thought, visualization, and meditation as a building block of your dreams. Be careful that you don’t add the blocks of negativity of doubt, lack, and impatience to your foundation.  As you can imagine, it will take longer to build and it won’t be as sturdy!

Image result for a double minded man is unstable in his ways

Attachment is another thing that can cause a delay in the Universe manifesting our requests.


Admittedly, I’ve told you on several occasions to tell the Universe specifically what you want.  What I’ve never suggested you do is tell the Universe how to deliver your request! When you are stuck on the particularities of the how, you close the door to the other possibilities of how your request can manifest.

Consider a request to the Universe for $10,000.  You’re expecting to sell one of your paintings at an art show. You’re visualizing the gallery owner handing you the check at the end of the show. You’re affirming that your art is beautiful and appealing to serious art collectors. You’ve completely closed the door to the possibility that

  • Image result for 10000 dollars in 100 dollar billsYou could sell things on ebay – some of your paintings perhaps
  • You could rent out extra space in your home or yard
  • You could win a sweepstakes or lottery
  • You can do online surveys
  • You can come into an inheritance

Sure, some of these are fantastic and may take a bit of time to net the $10,000 that you want, but remember, the subject of this post is waiting…patiently!

When you are focused on the when, frustration can creep in. The Universe senses this and keeps your desire at arm’s length. Consider: you don’t place much weight on a parking spot so you ask for it and begin to look for it.  The non-attachment brings the parking spot straight to you. You must exercise this same level of nonchalance with your bigger desires as well.

The Universe will deliver your desire in the way that is most suitable for everyone involved. Focus on what you want with joy and just know and trust that the Universe will bring you what you want or better. Each time you focus on your desire, see happiness and see it as if it had already happened and thank the Universe.

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Assume the attitude that “The Universe is lining it up just right, and the timing will be exactly right, and I’m not doing anything wrong; I’m doing everything exactly right!” In Its perfect timing, the Universe will bring your visualization to reality. Build a solid foundation of focus upon your desire and let the Universe bring you that desire without any delay.

You’ve asked; the Universe is doing Its work; It is answering. Your work is to get into the place where you joyfully receive it.

Manifest Your Maximum!

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