The Law Of Inspired Attr-ACTION!!

The Law Of Inspired Attr-ACTION!!

Image result for secret rhonda byrne book reviewAfter the release of the movie The Secret everyone was talking about it. Heck, this entire blog is about it. What’s everyone talking about? This phenomenon we call the Law of Attraction of course! It is estimated that 1.4 billion people or nearly 1 every 4 people in believe in the Law Of Attraction.  That’s a lot of visualizing and manifesting!

Despite its popularity, many people always seem to ask the same question: “Does it really work?”

The answer is absolutely, unequivocally, undeniably YES – with conditions….

I am about to offer is what that condition is.

You would think that it would be intuitive, but so many people get so excited about the vision boards and affirmations that they completely overlook this crucial detail. This condition, when applied together with the attraction practices, will bring you what you desire even faster.

The condition is – INSPIRED ACTION!

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Successful people understand that simply wishing for something is merely the starting point. It greases the wheel and gets the ball rolling, so to speak, and opens our minds and hearts to the possibility of something special.

Now combine that with positive, forward thinking, action steps and you can attain anything you have your sights set on at an amplified speed.

Consider this example:

Imagine someone sitting in their living room and saying to themselves, “I would LOVE a fruit tree in the backyard.”

That’s the idea – or wish – that puts the Law Of Attraction into motion.

What would it take to make manifest that desire?

  • Go to the local nurseryImage result for ‫فاصله کاشت درخت بادام‬‎
  • pick up a fruit tree
  • drive it home
  • dig a hole
  • fertilize it
  • keep it watered
  • keep weeds away from its roots

Then after an incubation period of about two years, your tree blooms and produces fruit. Viola! You have yourself a fruit tree in your backyard.

Proof again that the Law Of Attraction really works!

You applied the Law Of Attraction and manifested the fruit tree.  After all, you are the one who wanted the tree in the first place! But then you did something many people are simply not willing to do …you took inspired action! Do you honestly think that if you hadn’t taken those actions, you’d be enjoying fresh, herbicide-free fruit from your own backyard?

You put the Law Of Attraction INTO action!

So many people miss this key ingredient.

They may desire wealth, romance, security, happiness, etc. and believe they will receive it overnight without any real effort on their part. If that were the case, everyone would win the lottery each time they played, or fall in love whenever they locked eyes with an attractive stranger.

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As we know, life does not work that way. There are steps that we have to take to see our dreams fulfilled.

  • If your dream is to spend more time with family, then you should schedule that time and make it sacred.
  • If your dream is to write a book, then you should set a writing goal (# of pages/# of minutes) each day.
  • If your dream is to run a marathon, then you should set and follow a training schedule.
  • If your dream is to create an emergency cash fund, then you should create and follow a budget.
  • If your dream is to find true love, then you should work on becoming the kind of person that your dream mate will be attracted to.
  • If your dream is to shed a few pounds, then you should begin and exercise and healthy eating program.

Notice two things about these particular inspired actions:

  1. they are easy
  2. they are in alignment with the specific dream

The inspired action that you take should be easy enough to start, but challenging enough to keep you motivated. What you don’t want is to take action from a place of fear, desperation, or the need to control people or situations. The most ideal actions are ones coming from a space of inspiration—they feel good, intuitive and in alignment with your goals.

Once you declare your desire to the universe, the Universe conspires to bring you what you want.  People will show up out of the blue. Opportunities will appear out of nowhere. It is our responsibility to recognize these things as gifts from the universe and capitalize on them by taking action!

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Take Your Own Inspired Action!

Determine a goal that you want to pursue or an area of your life that you want to change and write it down. Write beside it what action steps you can take right now- today – to move closer to making that dream a reality.

Then do something crazy –

Take action, and make it so.

Your very own fruit tree is waiting for you! Just roll up your sleeves, and start digging. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying the sweet fruit of your efforts, too!

Before I go, let me encourage you to be in a constant state of gratitude. This is the ultimate key to turbo-charging the Law Of Attraction. Be grateful for what you have. Be grateful for what you know is arriving in your life. Be grateful that you are able to get out of bed and breathe in and out today! Find the good in everything and feel the gratitude toward it all. This one tip alone can change your perspective and consequently, your life.

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Manifest Your Maximum!


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