Is This a Goal or a Wish?

Is This a Goal or a Wish?


I came across another mindset article today.  My take away from this particular article was “Know What You Want”.  As with any objective, you can’t have it or get there without a plan. If you’ve been on this path of self-development for more than 30 minutes, you’ve heard this before, right? It sounds easy and makes a lot of sense, but how do we know if what we’re working on is a wish or a goal?  THIS MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE!

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I’ve long been silently envious of multi-lingual people.  Despite the many benefits of bilingualism, roughly 75% of Americans speak only English with no second language.  I no longer wish to be in that majority.  To that end, I’ve subscribed to one year of Babbel.  For Spanish. Using this as an example, I’m going to distinguish whether this particular endeavor is a wish or goal for me.

Drawing from this blog post, here are a few differences between wishes and goals:

  • Goals are something you are following up on while wishes are something you are simply thinking about. Goals require action.Related image

I’ve procrastinated buying my Babbel subscription.  I’ve vacillated between this and Rosetta Stone.  For years! I finally came across a “get 12 months for the price of 6 months” sale on Babbel, and I finally took the leap.  So, for years speaking Spanish was a wish for me.  Once I took an action (paying for the subscription), it became a goal.

  • Goals have deadlines.Wishes are simply, well, wishes. Goals have a time limit. In all honesty, many individuals maintain wishes their whole lives without ever accomplishing even one.

Although the goal wasn’t set by me, I have one year (before my subscription expires) to learn Spanish.  I’m sure that I won’t be qualified to teach Spanish I or anything, but I should be able to navigate my way through a Latin American vacation.

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  • Wishes are free. Goals have a cost. It does not cost a thing to wish for something; however, goals come with a price. Money, effort, time and sweat. These are ways you pay for your goals.

Related imageWell, I paid money.  I pay the time it takes to go through a lesson every evening.  I pay the frustration at not being able to match my Spanish verbs and pronouns. Ugh. I am invested in this endeavor.

A major takeaway? Wishes are thoughts based.  Goals are actions based.  These same questions can be applied to weight loss.  Super vague.  How much weight?  By when?  Saving money?  Ambiguous.  How much money?  By when? Increase sales? Nebulous. By what percentage? By When?

Evaluate your life’s dreams.  Are you actively working toward at least one every single day? Have you invested time, talent, or treasure? Is there a deadline? In other words, are your dreams wishes or goals? While you’re figuring that out, I’m gonna try to come up with a study aid to help me remember nosotros, vosotros, and ellos and their corresponding verbs – somos, sois, and son. Good luck to us all!

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