How To Create The Most Powerful Visualizations

How To Create The Most Powerful Visualizations

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Creative visualization is by far one of the most powerful Law Of Attraction tools for goal setting and attracting what you want.  Yet few people know how to properly visualize.  With the right technique your visualizations can lead to outstanding manifestation results.

To be clear: you are visualizing all the time.  You may not be cognizant of it, but images are always swimming around in your mind.  We think and listen in pictures. When you plan your dinner menu, you see the finished meal in your mind.  When you tell stories about your amazing vacation, you are describing the images in your head and the listener is creating images in their head based on their interpretation of your description.

Image result for pop art sleeping girlWe also visualize when we are deep in thought.  Aren’t your daydreams filled with vivid images?

It goes without saying that we even visualize when we’re unconscious – defines dream as “a succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind during sleep”.

Have you ever read a book and was then disappointed to see the film based on that book? That’s because you had already visualized the story in your mind.  You may have imagined the heroine to be a sultry red-head and was mortified to see a blonde tomboy as the movie’s lead.  While you rooted for the book’s protagonist, you may have found yourself having to warm up to the movie version because she wasn’t what you imagined or expected (visualized)!

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In the same vein, when you worry about paying your bills or focus on any lack in your life you are also visualizing. However, instead of good and positive thoughts attracting good and positive things, worry generates sad, anxious and desperate thoughts. Unfortunately, those thoughts can only generate more sadness, anxiety and desperation.

This is where many people go terribly wrong. Their creative force emits, and therefore attracts negative energy instead of positive energy.

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Here is a great test to help you understand the power of visualization.  Think of the last time you were deep in thought.  Now try to remember what that felt like.  If you can recall that time, you will notice that you were deep inside of yourself.  You were unaware of anyone or anything and as you were allowing yourself to visualize you could feel clearly that you were having the experience as if it were real.  That is the power of visualization!

The Best Way To Visualize

People ask all the time “How do I visualize the things I want?” I tell them the same way you visualize the things that you don’t want.  You see, when you are feeling anxious and fearful you lock yourself away in your inner mind with those images.  You lose sight of other possibilities and if it is something that has happened to you, then you recreate the experience in 3D, living color inclusive of all your emotions.  This negative energy will attract more negativity.

Visualization is more than just pictures though.  Visualizations become powerful when they have emotions attached to them.  The quickest way to manifest your desires is to attach powerful emotions to them. Make your visualizations as sensory as possible.  This means that your visualizations should include more than just visual pictures.  Include your other senses: touch, smell, hearing and even taste! Again, the more senses that you include in the experience, the more believable the experience will appear in your mind.  Without a doubt, this will improve the effectiveness of your visualizations!

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What does he look like? What does he feel like? What does he smell, taste and sound like?

For example, if you are hoping to attract your soulmate, don’t just picture a well-dressed mannequin. Imagine him holding you (touch).  Imagine his scent on the pillowcase (smell). Imagine him whispering sweet nothings in your ear (sound). Imagine shared candlelight dinners (taste). Do these images bring a smile to your face? What emotions do these images evoke?  The more detail you give to your visualizations, the more emotions you activate! The more emotions you activate, the quicker you manifest your visualizations!

How Does Creative Visualization Work?

Remember, visualization works because the mind can’t tell the difference between your visualizations and your reality. The subconscious mind interprets both types of experience as reality. Our conscious mind sorts the dreams from the reality.  Think of creative visualization as mental practice that over time enables you to perform the visualized acts in your real everyday life. (See this article about US Olympians using creative visualization.)

There are no negative side effects to positive creative visualization, so there is certainly no harm in trying it.  Think of it as if you are shaping your reality with your mind. The advantage of creative visualization is that you get to write the script yourself, allowing yourself to create the scenario precisely the way you want it to be. Fooling yourself in a way into thinking that you truly had the experience and felt the joy, pride, excitement, enthusiasm, love, abundance, etc.

Just as you would try on a dress before you bought it, shouldn’t you try on your new life before you commit to it?

One Last Thing…

What is the one thing that is always present in all of your life experiences? YOU! You are always there. Always present during all of your experiences. This means that you must include yourself in all your visualizations.  Sometimes we can get caught up in visualizing a goal and we create a truly visual, sensual movie but we forget to include ourselves in the picture.  It is important that you make yourself the star of your visualizations instead of a bit player.  You want to be the one smelling and tasting and touching, not someone watching from the sidelines. This makes the experience more vivid and more powerful.

According to Thomas Jefferson, “If you want something you’ve never had you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.”  Let’s paraphrase that: If you want the life you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done. If you’ve been visualizing in two dimensional black and white, consider adding some emotion. Some color. Some you.

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Manifest Your Maximum!

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