Creating Your Life With Intention Manifestation

Creating Your Life With Intention Manifestation


What you are thinking about right now is what you are attracting to yourself this very moment! The Law of Attraction teaches that what you are intending for yourself or your circumstances is going to happen.

And do you wonder why bad things happen more often than good things? Because we walk around this world with negative thoughts, fearful thoughts, anxious thoughts, worry, frets, and cares, so that is what we are attracting to ourselves.

Creating Your Life With Intention Manifestation

Your thoughts and your words to yourself are so immensely powerful! Even the slightest whim that you have an emotional feeling about is likely going to manifest. You have the God-given power to create in this life experience. You are here to create your own unique life experience. God/Source/ The Creator gave you this gift and the free will to create whatever you want to create. I repeat: you are totally in control of what you are creating. Such power you have!

As children, our parents and other authority figures controlled our lives. They influenced what we would believe and how we should perceive. But now we are in control and we can choose to create anything we want with our intentions and with what we choose to believe.

The problem is that we don’t accept this power in our lives as adults and we continue to let others control us in so many ways. Sure, there are some rules that you must abide by.  There are rules at work and in traffic. There are social rules and rules that govern society that are called laws.

However, if you notice, these are generally rote situations that you can go through on autopilot. But how successful, rich, and healthy you are, and who you’re surrounded by is all dependent on your intentions and beliefs. You manifest these things for yourself.  Your current circumstances – whether they be good or bad – have been manifested by you!

And if you aren’t aware of the Law of Attraction, you’ve manifested everything accidentally, without intent or deliberation.


Don’t blame the boss or the spouse or the kids for what you’ve manifested in your life. It is an inside job and you have the power to turn things around anytime you wish.

Everything that you have an emotional feeling about becomes an intention. It will manifest in your life. An intention is a conscious thought with an emotional feeling attached to it. Think of the thought as the car and the emotion as the gas. Together they will take you where you intend to go.

Ask yourself how many emotion-packed thoughts you have each day? What is the main thought with emotion in your life right now? Is it fear of losing your job? Then that is what you will manifest. Is it a fear of a lack of money or other things in your life? Then that is what will manifest in your life. Do you see the power that you have here? That emotion of fear/worry/lack is powerful gas!

Are you worrying about future moments? Imagining all that could happen if you experience fear or lack? Then that is what you are manifesting. Are you thinking about the past? Remembering times of fear or worry or lack? Then that is what you are manifesting more of now. Get out of the past and future and live in the present fully. Your moment to create is now.

When I'm worried, it's usually because I'm trying to do everything myself. When  I'm at peace, it's usually because I remember that God… | Book quotes,  Quotes, Words

If you want to manifest beautiful things in your life you need to understand that positive – not negative – emotions should be the gas you fill your tank with. How much time do you spend feeling good, happy, hopeful, or excited about something you intend for yourself?

No wonder that we manifest so many disappointing things in our lives!


Once we throw out our worries, fears, and frets and begin to focus on good emotions, we’ll soon find that so many good things begin to manifest all around us. Love, peace, joy, contentment should constantly be our driving emotions. If we could just learn to have positive emotions all the time, we would manifest that into our lives in so many ways and find ourselves being happy all the time because we are manifesting good things into our lives.

Yes, it’s a continuous circle. Good thoughts lead to good things, which lead to more good thoughts, which lead to more good things, and on and on. You will find yourself in a perpetual state of good feelings because you will constantly be manifesting good things in your life. Your Intentions will lead to your manifestations!

Intention manifestation is simply intending something to happen. If you intend something to happen for long enough, it will manifest itself in your life. We create our own realities by the beliefs and thoughts we hold. By learning the proper techniques, you can change your beliefs and thoughts, and thus consciously create your own reality.


To make this work, you must intend. All this means is that you identify a desired goal or outcome, and then visualize it happening. If you want to lose weight, you can visualize yourself going to the gym and working out every day, or even just imagine yourself as more fit. By doing this you influence your subconscious to believe you will lose weight, which serves as motivation and eliminates self-sabotage.

But visualization isn’t enough. You also have to generate intense emotions alongside the images you create in your head. This is the only way your subconscious will listen. I like to imagine my goal as having already happened, enjoying the success that follows. As you can imagine, this makes me incredibly happy. So much positive thought and growth is going on at once because of intention manifestation that incredible happiness and positive results sure to appear.


You can’t just use intention manifestation once and expect it to work magic in your life. You need to do it repeatedly to influence your subconscious over time. That’s the only method that will make it stick. If you do it once or twice and quit you probably won’t get any significant results with it. Remember, this is not a quick-fix solution, but a new way of living your life. This is the beginning of living your life on purpose propelled with positive feelings and expecting great outcomes.

Your life isn’t happening to you, your life is responding to your intentions and your thoughts.

Creating Your Life With Intention Manifestation

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