8 Keys Of a Manifestation Mindset

8 Keys Of a Manifestation Mindset

Real talk: many of us have a desire to make more money, but so often we get caught up in the mindset that money is the reward of hard work. The words quick and easy don’t seem believable to us when it comes to manifesting money.  It is extremely difficult to manifest more money if you don’t know how – if your outlook is wrong.

The concept of manifesting requires a deep understanding of not only your relationship to your physical reality but also to yourself and your alignment with what you want.  You know when you are in alignment with something by the way you feel when you focus upon it.  If you feel joyful then you have opened yourself up to the flow of the creative force to pour great magnetism into you. In other words, what you focus your mind on, you attract to you!

Attracting money is no exception.

Consider these 8 ways to control your thoughts and direct them to manifest your greatest desires.

1. Understand that financial prosperity is your spiritual right.

You are not here to live a life of lack or financial struggle.  Jesus Himself said “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” (John 10:10b) If financial increase is your desire then it is not wrong. You were created to have more than enough.  It is a blessing when you have enough financially because that puts you in a position to be a blessing to others.  It is also important to incorporate spiritual principles into your money manifestation desires, a practice that is necessary yet often excluded.

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2. Look for money manifestation opportunities.

In June 2018, median household income in America was $62,175. If that is not enough, what are you going to do to manifest more money? What is your plan, idea, concept or strategy? Money manifestation principles work, but it is much easier for them to work if an opportunity is present to manifest income.  Your present salary is capped, so keep your eyes open and your thoughts receptive to money manifestation opportunities that are presented to you.

3. Think it.

Your mindset has to be in alignment with what you want to see manifest.  We each have 50,000-70,000 different thoughts every day.  With that much chatter going on in your head, you want most of your thoughts to support your financial desires.  You have to work on eliminating any negative thoughts that are blocking your success and replacing them with thoughts that will help you manifest your desires. Meditation can help you direct your thoughts to maximize your manifestations.

Related image4. Speak it.

Money manifestation needs to be in your mouth.   Proverbs 18:21 lets us know that “Death and life are in the power of the tongue”. In addition to thinking right, you have to speak right as well. Your speaking needs to also support what you want to see manifest in your finances.  When you find yourself saying “I never have enough money.” or “I will never manifest my financial desires.”  you have to catch yourself, adjust your language and speak what you want into existence.  If you see something that you want, tell yourself “I’m going to buy that for myself soon.” Recite affirmations until you truly believe that what you are telling yourself is true!

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5. Have the right motive.

According to Gordon Gekko in the movie Wall Street, “Greed, for lack of a better word, is good!”  The difference between a desire for financial security and blatant greed is determined by your mindset. Having the right money motive is essential, and wanting more money for selfish reasons is not the right motive.  You should want more money to be a blessing to others. Greed isn’t one of the 7 deadly sins for nothing….

6. Remove doubt.

You must remove all doubt that manifesting money can happen for you.  It IS possible for you to manifest more money!  Regardless of your financial history, today is a new day.  Replace any doubt with certainty and begin to believe that achieving your financial desires is possible. When you realize that you are having a doubtful thought, catch it, stop it, and replace it with a thought of gratitude.  Saying “I am so happy and grateful that I have enough money to pay all my bills.” will redirect your thoughts; and the more you repeat it, the more you’ll believe it!

7. Remove fear.

Many people have a fear of manifesting money.  They feel that money is bad or evil or that it will make them change.  There should be no fear of manifesting more money because your right motives will ensure that you remain humble regardless of how much money you are blessed to acquire.  Replace any fears with faith and move confidently towards your financial destiny.

8. Don’t quit before you see results.

When you are working on manifesting money, it is important to keep going until you see results.  Don’t be committed for a day or a week and then give up because you don’t see immediate results.  Manifesting money takes time and patience.  Even if you begin to see an extra dollar or two manifest in your life, be thankful and continue to expect increase.

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Incorporating these 8 manifestation keys is more than a to-do=list; it is a lifestyle choice and change.  Notice how the keys are intertwined with each other.  As you embrace one, you’ll notice the others will begin to follow suit. Start with one and build upon it until you find that yours is a manifestation mindset.

Manifest your Maximum!


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