3 Ways to Boost Your Money Manifestations with Universal Laws

3 Ways to Boost Your Money Manifestations with Universal Laws

Image result for universal lawsAs with all Universal Laws, the Law Of Attraction is inescapable, everywhere, and applicable to all situations.  This means the Laws are always working whether you believe in them or not! Additionally, all Universal Laws also have guidelines that need to be applied for maximum success.

As I highlighted on Facebook this week, for manifestation using the Law Of Attraction, these guidelines are:

  1. Visualize what you want.
  2. Desire must be accompanied by emotion, as it energized the vision.
  3. Believe that you deserve it.
  4. Accept yourself with the new belief.
  5. Intend to manifest it with your will and focus.
  6. Act like you have it – like the reality already exists.
  7. Detach from any outcome and let it go unconditionally. Trust the power of paradox and the art of allowing for it to manifest, knowing that everything is already perfect.
  8. Remember, you support your reality; your reality doesn’t support you. The power doesn’t come from your physical reality, it comes from within.

When manifesting, you are encouraged to use affirmations, or auto-suggestion to help you attract your wishes. While affirmations work for many things, they don’t usually work well for manifesting money.

Why you might ask?

Because of the deeply entrenched limiting beliefs that most people have about money.  These are beliefs that they were taught as children (Money is hard to come by. You have to work hard for money. Money is the root of all evil. etc.)  It could take lifetimes to unwind these beliefs, and unfortunately, while these beliefs remain unchanged the money problems continue.

Image result for prisoner holding moneyHave you ever noticed that the things you seem to have the most difficulty with are the things which have power over you?  Money happens to be one thing in our physical realty that has power over most people.

The paradox is if money isn’t everything, how can money have power over us? It is the human mind that gives money its power. Money becomes your god and has power over you when you become a slave to all the things money can buy.

And I get it! We all need food, clothing, shelter, and the other needs of this physical life. And let’s not even begin to list our endless wants….

It doesn’t have to be this way!  When you know the most powerful cosmic tools that govern reality – if you understand the nature of realty and how it works –  money will become the least of your problems.  You can easily switch the dynamic and begin to master money with these three proven steps.

You become the Master and money Becomes the Servant

Dr. Roger Henderson, a mental-health researcher in the United Kingdom, recently created the term “money sickness syndrome” to account for the physical and psychological symptoms experienced by people who are burdened with money worries. Henderson says that money worries are a significant cause of stress, whose symptoms can include shortness of breath, headaches, nausea, skin rashes, lack of appetite, unjustified anger, nervousness, and negative thinking.

We know from our study of the Law of Attraction that if you change your thoughts, your world will change.  We also know that when you worry and stress about anything, rather than attract it, you repel it.

Start attracting money by changing your perspective of it.

Money is merely a tool that is here to serve you.  It is paper and coins. Its power is inherent only in the value that we give it! You, however, are divine! You were sent here to experience life in this physical plane.  You should never be a slave to money (or anything else!).  Instead, you must become master over money and allow money to serve you. 

Start with these few tips:

  • Focus on your goals – these will give your money a purpose
  • Get financially organized – simplify your records and streamline your accounts
  • Save! Save! Save! – Take advantage of compound interest – let your money work for you!
  • Become a student of Finance – Just as you study the Law Of Attraction, begin to study and become a master of finance

It’s a tiny shift in perspective but a powerful one.

Experience is More Important Than Money

After World War II, the United States witnessed a significant expansion in the consumption of goods and services. However, in the 21st century, Americans are opting out of owning “things” and choosing experiences instead. Today, a staggering 74% of Americans prioritize experiences over “stuff”.

What does this have to do with the Law Of Attraction?

Image result for experiences more valuable than thingsWhile many people are trying to use the Law Of Attraction to manifest more money, they are going about it the wrong way.  They are chasing money as opposed to having money come to them.  The irony is this: if you focus more on experiences than things, you will enhance your ability to become a money magnet.

The more experiences you have the more expanded, knowledgeable, and grateful you become.  The Law Of Attraction honors that state of being and rewards you for it.  Money flows to one who is in an expanded state.  The more experiences you have the richer you feel and the richer you act.  (See guideline 6 above.) You value life and the uniqueness of experience much more than you value things.  In that state you are not wanting money but money will come and come abundantly!  As you increase your life experiences you will begin to increase your vibration.

Higher Vibration Makes You a Powerful Money Magnet

Another Universal Law that doesn’t get as much attention is the Law of Vibration. The Law Of Vibration states that everything in the Universe moves, vibrates and travels in circular patterns.  The same principles of vibration in the physical world apply to our thoughts, feelings, desires and wills.

Image result for low vibration high vibration

As you expand in vibration, you increase your ability to easily draw things to yourself.  Higher vibration = more power.  However, when you are bombarded by the frustrations of the day, your vibrations may contract. Unchecked, this can lead to a downward spiral (Law Of Cause and Effect, or karma) and you may begin attracting negative things to yourself. (Remember, the Law Of Attraction attracts negativity just as easily as it does positivity!)

Shifting your vibration can be a bit difficult for the average person.  Consider these techniques to get yourself out of a low vibration funk:

  • Become conscious of your thoughts – Remember, what you are thinking about, you are drawing to yourself
  • Write down ten things you are grateful for – Being grateful for what you have shifts you into an abundant mindset
  • Laugh! – Nothing raises your mood and vibration better and quicker than a good belly laugh

By shifting your perspective and raising your vibration, you will become an easy magnet for money without the stress and struggle.  Remember, what you want wants you.  While others spin their wheels for weeks and months for what they want, Universal Laws help you manifests faster.  It is inescapable, everywhere, and applicable to all situations. It’s the Law!

Image result for what you want wants you

Manifest your Maximum!

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